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The world's media has been focusing on the state-owned giant
source:admin time:2017-08-03

China nonferrous metals industry association annual meeting, titanium titanium zirconium and hafnium titanium application peak BBS and international industry fair but the screen has not been lowered, people still immersed in "titanium world is really wonderful," the world's media of "pen and ink, a long short gun" eye focus on state-owned enterprises dabao titanium, titanium treasure of technologies, products, equipment, personnel and corporate vision all emerge in the world of media people view, treasure titanium towards the world.

The sun in the spring is also hot.

Ti's feelings are still warm.

Around two o 'clock in the afternoon on April 27th, France, Japan, Singapore, Nigeria and other 20 countries media people gathered treasure titanium group, s focus from the view of the world treasure titanium group of high-quality goods strategy plan, use different color eyes think treasure titanium group development train of thought, with a reward of pen and ink and lens experience treasure titanium group hung branches.

The general manager of baoti group has introduced to the Chinese and foreign journalists the situation of the group over the years in the technology field and the boutique strategy. Treasure titanium group, he says, as titanium valley of leading enterprises in China, through 50 years of development, for the domestic and international aerospace, Marine engineering, ship manufacturing, satellite rocket, chang 'e engineering, chemical, biological, medical, sports and other fields of titanium application provides strong technical support and material support. Hold a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights of the titanium alloy processing, is the Chinese titanium and titanium alloy gb, military specifications, main line mark, the technical standards of products reach the international advanced level; With titanium, zirconium, hafnium materials, equipment design and manufacturing, special metal plate and so on four big industry, formed a relatively complete in rare metal processing as the main body of the industrial clusters and industrial chain, is not only the leader of the Chinese titanium industry, also is the world an important part of titanium industry.

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