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To be the leader of the titanium industry
source:admin time:2017-08-03

Baoti group is the largest technology enterprise of titanium processing in China, and has its own military and civilian integration advantages in military and civil fields. 4500 meters manned submersible TC4 manned space spherical shells, the manned spacecraft shenzhou series, series of tiangong space lab, the goddess of the moon to the moon and the long march rockets and the C919 aircraft parts of titanium alloy materials, are made by "smart" treasure titanium group, titanium treasure titanium group at home and abroad currently has an important position in the industry.

Titanium products in the face of slow growth in civil and military fields such as demand, the price is low, titanium reporter in the 2017 annual meeting and extension and application of zirconium and hafnium peak BBS, baoji titanium GuGuoJi titanium industry in China, during the expo interviewed treasure titanium group general manager ray's. Titanium industry is a sunrise industry, he says, the fact that cannot be changed, have been slow to appear demand growth, prices are still at the low end of the status quo, mainly caused by excess production capacity, especially the low-end products surplus. He said any problem should be analyzed from the pros and cons, overcapacity, low price and environmental pressure, forcing companies to raise the cost of quality to survive. In recent years, both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have taken a new step in product quality. Baoti group is no exception. In the fierce market competition, the company is on the path of "integration of the military and the people", and still retains the status of the leader of the titanium industry. In the future, more ti companies will continue to press ahead with a lot of pressure, because the future of the titanium industry is bright.

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