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Russian scientists have developed new techniques for producing hafnium carbide
source:admin time:2017-08-03

Researchers from the institute of nuclear physics in the Siberian branch of the Russian academy of sciences and the institute of solid chemistry and mechanical chemistry have developed a new technique for making hafnium. This new manufacturing technique is efficient and cheap, and produces a high quality of carbonated hafnium.

Scientists first put hafnium and carbon rotating in mill, grinding into powder, synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction (XRD), and then through the method of electron beam welding directional beam heating, the temperature to 3953 ℃ powder began to melt, the melting process takes only 2 minutes, using traditional technology hafnium carbide production requires ten hours, produce hafnium carbide and gap. The researchers point out that the new technology could also produce compounds in the genus, such as tantalum, tungsten and molybdenum.

Hafnium carbide with high elasticity, good electric conductivity, smaller thermal expansion coefficient and good impact resistance, suitable for manufacturing rocket nozzle and wing leading edge and other important components, mainly used in aerospace, industrial ceramics and other fields, in the nozzle, high temperature resistant lining, arc or electrolytic electrode also has important application.

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