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The creative problem of invention patent through aviation alloy
source:admin time:2017-08-03

C919: China's first fully autonomous intellectual property. Advanced materials have been used for the first time in the large-scale application of domestic civil aircraft, the third generation of aluminum alloy materials and advanced composite materials are 8.8% and 12% respectively in the body structure of the C919. New type of lithium aluminium alloy not only has low density, high elastic modulus, specific strength and specific modulus, the advantages of also have low fatigue crack propagation rate and good high temperature and low temperature performance, is considered to be the ideal structural material of aeronautics and astronautics. For the first time, the C919 has made a significant use of aluminum lithium alloys. The development of the C919 marks the development of China's civil aircraft from scratch and has epoch-making significance in the history of aviation in China.

The author will analyze the relevant patent review of the alloy materials and briefly explain the salient features and significant progress of the creative problems.

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